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Is it possible that studio spaces, (with all their complexity and internal intricacy) can be called anything other than a challenging environment? INTERSONO accepts these challenges! Within our work starting from the planning, we again define the very meaning of the words, esthetics, ergonomics, craftsmenship, and flair, which walk hand in hand with the most modern technology and boldest technical solutions.

Intersono, among others, is a specialist for:
room acoustics, sound recording, special systems, construction works and AC, technological furniture, lighting, but i.e. mechanical technologies as well.

Music rehearsal room Fulnek

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  • music rehearsal room complete acoustic solution
  • noise reduction so as no to spread noise to other building´s rooms (roof and wall isolation)
  • flooring (OSB panels, isolation …

Child´s Education Centre Ostrava-Poruba

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M. Majerové 1772/23, Ostrava – Poruba

• multifunctional music rehearsal room and small recording studio
• acoustic, acoustic boards
• digital sound recording system

MICHAEL KOCÁB´s Recording Studio

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Praha / Praha-Trója / CZ / 2002

    • interior and room acoustic design & installation, lighting, sound distribution
    • complete supply and installation of control room

      CZECH TV

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      Dvořákova / Ostrava / CZ / 1998

        • complete supply of studio & control room
        • complete supply and installation of control room equipment
        • complete supply of 4th floor …

        Czech TV RADVANICE

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        Pikartská / Ostrava-Radvanice / CZ / 2001

        • complete supply of acoustical works, scenic lighting, audiotechnology

        Czech Radio 4 PRAHA-ŽIŽKOV

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        Jeseniova / Praha – Žižkov / CZ / 2006

        • rreconstruction of the broadcasting studios and their technological background

        Czech Radio REGINA

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        Hybešova / Praha 8 / CZ / 2003

        • complete supply and installation of room acoustics

        Czech Radio LIBEREC

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        Modrá / Liberec / CZ / 2006

        • general supplier of complete building of the regional Czech Radio studio in Liberec

        Czech Radio OSTRAVA

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        Dr. Smetala / Ostrava / CZ / 2002

        • complete supply and installation of room acoustics

        Czech Radio REGION

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        Masarykovo nám. / Jihlava / CZ / 2002

        • complete supply of room acoustic

        TV NOE Studio

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        Kostelní nám. / Ostrava / CZ / 2007

        • realisation of the complete satellite TV


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        Kostelní nám. / Ostrava / ČR

        • komplexní řešení studiového komplexu

        ANTONÍN DVOŘÁK Theater

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        Smetanovo náměstí / Ostrava / CZ / 2000

        • complete supply and installation of technology for theater & recording studio

        Radio PROGLAS

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        Barvičova / Brno / CZ / 1995

        • complete studio supply, room acoustics, interior, lighting & sound distribution

        Radio ORION

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        V Zátiší / Ostrava-Mariánské Hory / CZ / 1994

        • complete studio supply, room acoustics, interior, lighting & sound systems

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