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A young person always has high hopes and values the age they are living in. Within our projects at places of learning, we endeavor to achieve complex, effective, and simple technological operations for all who yearn to utilise such environments. This is our future…

Intersono, among others, is a specialist for:
room acoustics, school PA systems, electrical installations, classroom lightings, halls & gyms, school control rooms for sound&video recording, mobile system, lecture rooms, auditoriums etc.

Child´s Education Centre Ostrava-Poruba

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M. Majerové 1772/23, Ostrava – Poruba

• multifunctional music rehearsal room and small recording studio
• acoustic, acoustic boards
• digital sound recording system

Leisure And Education Centre Korunka

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B. Martinů 17, Ostrava-Poruba

• multimedia interactive schoolroom (interactive board, data projector, PC units, new furnishment, boxes, 5.1 sound)

Leisure And Education Centre Ostrava - Zábřeh

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Gurťjevova 8/1823, Ostrava – Zábřeh

• complete modernisation of two multimedia interactive schoolrooms" interactive boards, projectors, PC units, sound and graphic software, new furnishment, boxes, …

Leisure And Education Centre Ostrava, Ostrčilova St.

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Ostrčilova 19/2925, Moravská Ostrava

• multimedia interactive schoolroom (interactive board, projectors, PC´s – 16 units, sound and graphic software, new furnishment, boxes, 5.1 sound)
• main hall …

Prague conservatory concert hall

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Na Rejdišti 1 / Praha 1 /ČR / 2011

• 4 lifted stage tables: 21 m2, 15 m2 and 4×2,5 m2 lifted 0.8 m above the stage level
• supply of the stage, …

University VŠB TU OSTRAVA Auditorium

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17. listopadu / Ostrava / CZ / 2006

  • supply of the machanical technologies

Elementary School of Arts NĚMČICE

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Komenského nám. / Němčice n.H. / CZ / 1996

  • complete supply of hall and control room

Elementary School of Arts SOKOLSKÁ

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Sokolská / Ostrava / CZ / 1996

  • complete delivery of audiotechnology, scenic technology, interior, electrical installation

Elementary School of Arts FRÝDLANT NAD OSTRAVICÍ

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Padlých Hrdinů / Frýdlant nad Ostravicí / CZ / 1994

  • lecture room – supply of interior, electrical installation


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Masarykovo nám. / Karviná-Fryštát / CZ / 2002

    • interior supply and installation
    • implementation of reconstruction and electrical instalation

      TŘINEC High School

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      Komenského / Tři­nec / CZ / 1997

      • multipurpose hall – complete supply of audiotechnology, interior, scenic technology

      VALAŠSKÉ KLOBOUKY Elementary School

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      Valašské Klobouky / Valašské klobouky / CZ / 2000

      • school music room equipment

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