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ERASER® Dimming System

The ERASER system was developed as an application for fast backening out and lighting up off all lighting systems within a sports hall or arena, whereby customary lighting systems are unable to have this option fulfilled. This is a component system that is built on the principle of roller blind closing/opening and modules that fulfil the following options:

  • active roller blind opening and closing
  • system enabling central control- net central control
  • two way web information distribution and net serial control
  • application software

ERASER® Alfa Line (CT- MA602B)

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This is the most basic ERASER module for ‘blackening out’, and ‘lighting up’, a head extension by means of a roller blind dimmer. The operation of dimming module can be done by switch button controlling, or can be integrated to …

ERASER® Delta Line (CT- MA602B / CT- MA112A)

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The dimming module CT-MA602B XX is equiped with processor unit for fully programed dimming of a gas tube lamps by means of a roller blind dimmer. Operating of the ‘blackening out’, and ‘lighting up’  of the gas tube lamp is managed …


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This module CT-MA602B-XX-EV is upgraded with the function of the emergency unblackening out. According to the state of roller blind dimmer and temperature of the lamp the module is managing independently:

  • blanking …

Application software ERASER® LOGIC CONTROL II

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A computer program ERASER LOGIC CONTROL II is designed to control ERASER ® dimming modules through the personal computer.It must be equiped with at least one serial port (COM) and operation system Microsoft Windows NT or compatible. …

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