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Our latest news and events, not only from the company life!

Full check of AV Systems in Koloděje Chateau

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In one of our most exclusive realizations, Koloděje Chateau will be take place adjusting, full inspection and setting of audio and video systems according to customer´s wishes.

Have look at the chandeliers

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Lets have look at the supply of chandeliers for National House in Starý Bohumín, where our company INTERSONO a.s. is main supplier of scenic technologies and lightning.



Scenic technology supply is going to begin

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Currently in our main realization (reconstruction of The National House Starý Bohumín) is running final metal parts and drives assembly. There is finished flooring in main hall, and our supply of scenic technologies is about to begin.

Service in Prague O2 Arena

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On Thursday 23rd of March we are going to commence service action of our ERASER systems in the O2 Arena in Prague. This will mean full device inspection, functionality testing and minor system settings to …

Reconstruction of Art School Zábřeh finished

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Elementary Art School Zábřeh has finally after long years a brand new venue, and all of their corses are on one place now. Till now the students had to visit their courses in several locations, which was a …

Match of traditional rivals

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Czech Hockey Team is expecting to have 6 home matches during this spring, just before the 2015 World Ice Hockey Championship.

On Sat 7th February 2015 at 13:00 they will match with their traditional rival – …

Manowar in ČEZ Arena Ostrava

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Heavy metal legend Manowar has announced new January date in their schedule of world tour „Kings Of Metal MMXIV“. They decided to extend their first part of Tour with an extra show in Ostrava, the only one in Czech Republic, Slovakia and …

We are wishing

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for all our  employees, colleagues, friends, business partners, suppliers  festive happy and relaxed Christmas!

Stromboli: "30 years" outstanding concert

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The iconic eighties band will play December 4th 2014 at the O2 Arena. It will be a unique and unforgettable concert celebrating the 30th anniversary of the founding group.

Lenny Krawitz in O2 Arena Prague

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LENNY KRAVITZ has announced on June 23rd release of his first single „The Chamber“ from his very expected new studio album „Strut“. By this occassion he notified first part of his new world tour – in …

Peter Gabriel in ČEZ ARENA, Ostrava

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Peter Gabriekl is extending his european tour which will show up on 13th May 2014 in ČEZ Arena, Ostrava. In the occasion of 25th annniversary of release his outstanding album „So“ he´s going to present it with the original line-up and …

Last 800m2 for your offices to lease!

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Office cluster BLACK PEARL was designed as an answer to demand for spaces located in greenery, out of any noise and bustle of the city, with easy access and easy parking outside of the cramped underground parking lot or on the street.

Intersono in the new location

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The construction and developement of our new site called „ČERNÁ PERLA“ (Black Pearl) was succesfully finished in the end of last year. Due to fact our company has a brand new residence, modern and comfortable in the unique …

ABBA is not over! ABBA The Show word tour in Ostrava

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5th January2013 in ČEZ Arena, Ostrava

This stunning musical event, ABBA THE SHOW is coming to Ostrava during their worl tour. There are back-to-date projections on 20 LED …

PF 2014

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Intersono wishes you all a festive happy and relaxed Christmas and New Year filled with only positive aspirations!

Construction of Paskov Technological and Developing Centre is finishing

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The construction of Paskov Technological and Developing Centre, our future administration centre is going to its successful finish. We are finalizing the inner surfaces, plasters, floors and …

Service of 180 ERASER units in Prague O2 arena

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In the beginning of January, just one week before the Davis Cup semi-final match in Prague O2 arena, there was a planned service and maintenance of 180 ERASER units done.

KORN in ČEZ Arena

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Monday 17th June will be a reason to celebrate for all the nu-metal band Korn lovers.

They will show up in Ostrava ČEZ Arena, where our company InterSono SG a.s. has been general supplier of acoustic technologies, lightning, mechanical …

CIRKUFF - International New Cirque Festival in Trutnov

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3rd International New Cirque Festival will show up in Trutnov in 31. 5. – 2. 6. 2013.

A pick from the very rich programm:

An interesant trip hint

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The most well-preserved baroque theatre in the world is located in Český Krumlov Castle in Southern Bohemia. An outstanding complex of baroque theatre building, scene machinery, properties and costumes is …

See iRule possibilities

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See iRule-based iPad control system designed and integrated by Mistertec for the Silhouette Lounge in the Bronx, New York. The iRule user interface is completely custom-designed by Stanley Ferrand of Mistertec using custom graphics and a custom …

Basic construction in Paskov is nearly done

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The construction of future administration centre of Intersono a.s. company called "Paskov Technological and Developing Centre is going on. Rough construction is finished, and there is a mounting  of …

AV system for Koloděje Castle

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Currently we work on assembly of AV system for Koloděje Church, a very special realisation of Intersono a.s. We finish acoustic surfaces at the moment, and we install all the speaker systems and docking stations for wireless control system.

The construction of little stage of Těšín theatre is going on

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The construction of little stage of těšín theatre is successfully going on since March. There will be a up-to-date background for the actors and app. 100 spectators in the basement, a former boiler room, shelter and properties depot.

The miracle happened in the ČEZ Arena

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Ostrava Hockey ČEZ ARENA witnessed a kind of miracle during the play-off match of czech hockey league.

Our local team Vitkovice showed us how to get away from nearly hopeless situation. They have been loosing after the second third of …

Servicing ERASERS in Prague O2 Arena

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We have made planned and ordered service and maintenance of ERASER dimming systems in the prague O2 Arena. One of the purposes is upcoming DAVIS CUP, where all lightning systems must work perfectly. Our system serves here nine years already!

Jagr showing up under our Eraser systems

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Czech hockey team Kladno Knights has moved to Prague O2 Arena in 19th January, with audition of 15 575 visitors. next week in the match against pardubice every available seats were sold out and highest turnout of the season was 15 705 …

Havířov Cinema Centrum serves to public again

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Havířov Cinema Centrum is after 20 months of extensiv reconstruction in the full service again since the 12th October 2012. Grand ceremonial opening held at Thursday of 11th October, with participation of wide range of guest from …

Reconstruction of Cultural Venue in Třinec

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The main activity in the summertime was reconstruction of acoustic walls, lightning and audio systems in Cultural Venue Třinec called Trisia.

We are doing here upgrade of aoudio and video systems, replacement of cabling and wiring by …

Control system for Havířov Cinema Center

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We have developed the control system basically for entire cinema using just three iPads.

Now they can control for example:

  • projectors
  • screening
  • mixing consoles
  • DVD and BD …

We use iRule technology

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Intersono ha started to develop applications based on iRule technology.

That means applications to control any equipment (lights, any home electronics, computers, heating, security alarm, CCTC) using the smartphone or …

Currently from Havířov cinema reconstruction

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Take a brief look at a few of pictures from behind the ongoing reconstruction of Havířov Cinema „Centrum“.

Our company In­tersono is supplying screening technology for the cinema. We are engaged in weak current …

Music rehearsal room in Fulnek serves its purpose

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Intersono wasn´t idle during the winter time. We have succesfully finished a music rehearsal room in Fulnek. We provided:

  • music rehearsal room complete acoustic solution
  • noise reduction so as no to spread noise to …

Ice Hockey League quarter-final is here!

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A break after base part of Czech ice hockey league is gone and now it´s time for play off, a big reason to visit ČEZ Aréna stadium in Ostrava. Let´s notice our company InterSono SG a.s. has been general supplier of acoustic …

Trutnov Multi-functional cultural venue is the building of year 2011

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Multi-functional cultural venue of Trutnov region, called UFFO has been awarded as „The Building of the Year 2011“. We celebrate this success especially that we´ve made here a complex supply of scenic …

Havířov Cinema reconstruction is succesfully proceeding

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The reconstruction is going on according to schedule, a deadline for grand opening this summer will meet the target. A check-day on tuesday 21st of February did not show any failures, the builders are cooperating with interior and …

Wishing you...

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Wishing you good health, personal joy and professional success
and satisfaction in the New Year.


Modernisation Of Ostrava Leisure And Education Centres Is Complete Now

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A City Council project called „Keys for the Future of Our Children in Ostrava City Education Facilities“ contained modernisation of schoolrooms, halls in four of Ostrava Leisure And Education Centres. This task has been succesfully …

New technology for Havířov Cinema

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Our current realisation we are doing at the moment is supply of screening technology for cinema Centrum in Havířov city. Enite building will undergo a complex reconstruction for up to date technological standards, with a possibility of 3D …

Inauguration Of New Prague Conservatory Concert Hall

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One of our latest realizations, the construction of concert hall in a yard of Prague conservatory, was inaugurated and opened to wide public during the gala concert.

On that concert during 9th and 10th of March …

New video form Opava Theatre reconstruction

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In the very end of last year czech TV Polar has published video report from ongoing reconstruction of Silesian Theatre in Opava. Our company, Intersono a.s. is general supplier of scenic acoustic, sound systems and scenic lihtning of the main …

Building of concert hall in Prague conservatory is going on

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Watch the process of construction of the concert hall in a yard of Prague conservatory in following photo report. After a time delay caused by necessary archeological research, the walls are standing up, the roof is on and works proceed in the …

Going to light-up and sound-up the Opava theatre

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Opava theatre presents really outstanding venue in the cultural scene of our region, and our company is honoured to be supplier of scenic audiotechnology and scenic lightning of the theatre hall and rehearsal room. We provide acoustic solution …

We perform in Prague conservatory

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Intersono is working in full output after the summer holiday. The proof is our part in construction of the concert hall in a yard of Prague conservatory, in the very heart of our capitol in Old city by Vltava river.


Slide-out stage in Semily cinema is finished

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Our summer hot stuff, a slide-ou stage in the Semily cinema „Jitřenka“ is succesfully finished. The stage with dimensions 6×2.5 m, 0.8 m lift and lifting velocity 0.2 m/s is nearly finished, as you can see in our …

European Latin Dance Championship in ČEZ arena

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On Saturday June 19th in Ostrava ČEZ arena the European Championship Adult Latin IDSF will take place. In front of the international jury headed by spanish Marco Sietas, about 70 pairs from all around the Europe, including 2 couples …

Slide-out stage in Semily cinema

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During a complete reconstruction of „Jitřenka“ cinema in Semily, our company Intersono is going to build a special slide-out stage, which we are specialists at. Its parameters wil be: width 6m, height 2,5 m, lift 0,8 m and lifting …

UFFO is here!

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Newly finished Multipurpose Cultural Center TRUTNOV, where our company Intersono was a general supplier of acoustic, sound, scenic technologies and hall interior has its official name – UFFO Cultural Center.

Why? They say its a tribute …

KISS - A Great Rock Legend in Ostrava ČEZ Arena

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Legendary rock group KISS will come back to Europe in summer 2010 with their tour „Sonic Boom Over Europe – From The Beginning To The Boom“. A part of this tour is gig in Ostrava as well – on 21st May KISS will show up …

"Multi-functional cultural venue of Trutnov region" has been succesfully approved

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On the April 28th the one of our recent biggest and most comprehensive realisations, new building of the Multi-functional cultural venue of Trutnov region has been succesfully approved and commited. We´ve made here a complex supply of scenic …

International music festival in Rotschild Chateau

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Rotschild Chateau in Ostrava-Vítkovice, one of our most prestige realisations, is hosting following special concerts of the 35th International Music Festival Janacek May …

Multi-functional hall in Orlová is nearly finished

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One of our current realisations, reconstruction of multi-functional hall in Orlová cultural center is nearly finished! The 40 years old hall has been completely reconstructed, the acoustic was totally changed, lightning was refurbished, …

Watch the construction in Trutnov on-line now!

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Let´s offer you a very interesting link – now you can see a work flow on our prestige realisation of „Multi-functional cultural venue of Trutnov region“ through the web-camera

Jean Michel Jarre launching his european tour in Czech Republic!

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Well known french sound magician and showmen is starting his european tour called <<2010>>

Right in one month his tour will start right in czech city Liberec with the spectacular show designed especially for Liberec Tipsport …

The Australian Pink Floyd Show in ČEZ Arena

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The world´s most famous tribute band The Australian Pink Floyd Show is coming back after one year again! They bring us the brand new show called BIG PINK – GREATEST HITS. Their definitely the biggest show with completely new stage production …

The construction in Trutnov is not frozen up - another fotoreport

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We bring you with sincere pleasure another fotoreport from the construction oh the „Multi-functional cultural venue of Trutnov region“. Despite of traditional Christmas & New year´s Eve events and difficult January conditions the work …

More 3D visualisations of our references

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We have the honour to give a notice you that we´ve recently increased our references section of this web site. Now you´ve got a unique opportunity to see some of them in the special 3D visualisation. After the theatres in Ostrava we´ve added …

We wish you

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sincerely all the best in the New Year 2010, full of new challenges and expectations. At the same time we want to express big thanks to our customers and business partners for their trust, our suppliers for their accuracy and reliability, and …

We bring you the news

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from ongoing works on the reconstruction of multi-purpose hall in Orlová Cultural Center. We are upgrading the stage, changing the wiring, the framework for new acoustic panels is already prepared. Everything is going on in the fast rate to …

Last show in Orlová Cultural center

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Travesti show „Screamers“ held on November 6th was the last show in the theatre hall of Orlová cultural center. The next one is going to be performed by our company INTERSONO, when the old and acustically incompatible hall …

The comet doesn't shine as we expected

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Even if 16 dimming modules ERASER® would make Brno hockey team The COMET shining brighter, the reality in their Brno sporting hall „Rondo“ is quite sad: after 22nd round of czech hockey league they are still on the last …

Rain, snow, but work in Trutnov is going on

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We bring you a photo report from „Multi-functional cultural venue of Trutnov region“, where we executea complex technological installation of scenic technologies and lightning, audiotechnology, acoustic design & instalation of the hall …

Freestyle Motocross v ČEZ Aréně

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Čtvrtý podnik letošního seriálu Mistrovství světa ve Freestyle Motocrossu – Night of the Jumps bude hostit ve dnech 6. a 7. listopadu 2009 ostravská ČEZ Aréna.

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