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InterSono SG a.s. — Akustika, divadelní systémy, profesionální audiokomponenty


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We as a company engage ourselves in consultations, conceptual designs, planning, delivery, and installations within the sphere of constructing acoustical environments and modernising all electro/mechanical technology. We are specialized in room acoustic, lighting and scenic lighting, scenic mechanical technologies, electric installation / weak current technologies.

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2017-10-11 21:00 Full check of AV Systems in Koloděje Chateau

In one of our most exclusive realizations, Koloděje Chateau will be take place adjusting, full inspection and setting of audio and video systems according to customer´s wishes.

2015-04-22 8:30 Have look at the chandeliers

Lets have look at the supply of chandeliers for National House in Starý Bohumín, where our company INTERSONO a.s. is main supplier of scenic technologies and lightning.



2015-04-22 8:15 Scenic technology supply is going to begin

Currently in our main realization (reconstruction of The National House Starý Bohumín) is running final metal parts and drives assembly. There is finished flooring in main hall, and our supply of scenic technologies is about to begin.

2015-04-22 8:01 Service in Prague O2 Arena

On Thursday 23rd of March we are going to commence service action of our ERASER systems in the O2 Arena in Prague. This will mean full device inspection, functionality testing and minor system settings to …

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